Thursday, March 31, 2011

Orly Nail Lacquers

The fab and glamour of Orly’s renowned color houses – Permanent Collection, Hot Stuff, Precious, Cosmx FX, Plastix, In the Navy and the Sweet Color Collection.

Orly Nail Lacquers are free of DBP, formaldehyde and toluene and features the award-winning Gripper Cap on each bottle.

There are wide variety of shades to complement fashion trends and your very own sense of style.
Orly Nail Lacquer features streak-free coverage and brushability.  Each fast-drying shade is formulated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading and yellowing.

Plus more:
  • Natural pearl for shine and durability
  • UV inhibitors prevent fading
  • Streak-free coverage
  • Fast-drying
There’re so many more colors to love! Check them out!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Gift Certificates by Elite Nails Spa

Give your family and friends the gift of indulgence! This is such a great last minute gift for any occasion and will surely delight your loved ones. By purchasing gift certificates, you can also get a Value Card plus an instant point which you can use to avail of special treats!

Gift Certificates are available in the following prices:

Php 100.00
Php 300.00
Php 500 .00
Php 1000.00

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Value Card: Earn points and Get Up to P1000 FREE Spa Treats!

Make your Elite Nails Spa experience be rewarded; this is our way to let you feel you are valued and our thank you for your continued support despite us being a newbie in this business.

We are giving away each of you, our valued customers, a Value Card which you can use every time you visit and avail of our services, and get a special treat on your next visits. All you need to do is collect your points and redeem them for services applicable in this program.

Availing of the Value Card
You are automatically granted a Value Card for the first time you make a purchase of our gift certificates and avail of our signature spa services worth P350 and above.

Earning Value Points
Here’s how you earn points:

  • ·         Spend a minimum of P350 worth of services in our spa and you earn a point.  Points earned should be stamped in your value card for validity.
  • ·         Purchase a minimum P350 worth of Gift Certificate and you earn a point. However, gift certificate purchased cannot be used on the same day of purchase and also not applicable and cannot be combined with other promos.
  • ·         Refer a friend who will avail any of the above.  The referred friend must not have joined this program yet and have tried Elite Nails Spa services only for the first time to qualify.

Redeeming VC Points
This is absolutely a win-win situation for you because once you have earned your first point (first stamp), you are already qualified for a special treat on your next visit. Save up to P1000 worth of services within a number of 10 visits only in our spa.

The Special Treats
1st Visit – Earn a point and have it stamped in your Value Card for validity
2nd Visit – Get FREE Classic Spa Manicure (Save P130 instantly!)
3rd Visit – Earn a point (1 stamp)
4th Visit – Earn a point (1 stamp)
5th VisitGet FREE Elite Spa Manicure (Save P220 instantly!)
6th Visit – Earn a point (1 stamp)
7th Visit – Earn a point (1 stamp)
8th VisitGet 1 Hour Massage (Save P300 instantly!)
9th Visit – Earn a point (1 stamp)
10th VisitGet FREE Elite Spa Pedicure (Save P350 instantly!)

The Catch
Just a couple of details about how the Value Card Program works:
  • Value card points may not be redeemed for cash.
  • Value card points expire one year from the day that they were issued.
  • Points will be awarded at time of check out. For example, if you refer a friend you will get your points when he/she checks out at the spa.
  • No double dipping! Some purchases may not earn points. For example, you’ll earn point if you buy gift certificates from us but the points will not be applicable once the GC is used, claimed and exchanged for service. If we suspect abuse of this program, we reserve the right to terminate grant of any of the special treats.
  • May not be valid with some special offers or purchases. This will happen rarely, but it may happen.
  • Elite Nails Spa reserves the right to terminate or modify the program at any time.
  • Elite Nails Spa gift certificates are not replaceable if lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair.
  • Claiming of VC treats is Monday thru Friday from 10am to 9pm. If you plan to visit on weekend and claim your special treat, we advise that you call in advance to book an appointment.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

New! Therapy Treats that slim, contours, and firms your body.

We all know that cellulite is no one’s friend and just a thought of having is never welcome. However, these flabs and bumps will just get into our body the moment we loose care for our diet and physical regime. And that’s when irritation starts popping in.

Cellulite is a harmless skin condition characterized by uneven deposits of fat. Medical practitioners believe that cellulite is formed as a result of a poor lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for the proper circulation and flushing out of toxin out of the body so when it is not functioning properly, fat and fluid may settle on layers of the skin.

At Elite Spa, we have come up with treatments especially designed to focus on getting rid of these stubborn fats and at the same time provides you glowing and soothing effect after the procedure is performed.  The Body Contouring and Firming Scrub which makes the skin firmer and glowing in appearance, and the Slimming & Body Contouring Massage, where fat deposits are broken down paying more attention to affected areas like the thighs, the legs and the buttocks.

Body Contouring and Firming Scrub is a full body exfoliation using dead sea salt, mandarin orange and aromatherapy essential oil blends.  Our unique sea salt experience will leave your skin tingling with freshness and glowing.  Dead sea mineral body mask is used to detoxify and cleanse. It also contains seaweed extract which also aids in the reduction of cellulite and excellent for case of water retention. Indulgence shouldn’t be expensive, treat your self for only P700 pesos per session.

Slimming & Body Contouring Massage is combination of stretching, swedish and reflexology which completes your slimming-pampering goal that rejuvenates and relaxes your tired body, mind and soul.  Avail now for only P600 pesos per hour.

This massage is not just for slimming alone. We aim to provide you total relaxation and cease a current stressed state caused by a hectic schedules and pressures on the side because of the stubborn cellulites.

A series of treatments is needed depending on the amount of cellulites in the body to see improved results. You should be able to see results after one to three sessions; one is improved circulation in the body which when followed by required number of treatment reveals a more glowing and cellulite-free skin. 

Visit us now and we’ll be happy to discuss with you these treatments – which ones work for you best and your considerations before going on a treatment. You may also book in advance your preferred schedule by calling these numbers – (02) 5010533 / 0921-5918801.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beat the Summer Heat with Elite Nails’ Cool Nail Art Designs

It’s March and the heat is on. Can you feel summer already? 

The sun, the beach, the sticky-fresh breeze and the fun all in a 3-month season when everyone seems to be making plans to go out of town to unleash the hot weather.  

There are lots of ways to spend a perfect summer vacation, be it with family, office mates or friends. But usually the beach tops our most preferred summer getaway.  Guess it’s time to hit the gym as early as now to fit to a figure hugging swim wears. Or score for a great deals on air fares and hotel accommodations for a family treat. 

How about a treat for yourself? Perfecting your summer plans is giving yourself a break or simply your’ “Me” time.  Visit us at Elite Nails before or after your beach bumming schedules and let us pampers you the “elite” way. :)

These cool nail art designs boost a more summer-lovin feel.  Show off those cute under-the-sea friends or wear those fruities right in your hands and toes, only at Elite Nails! :)

You may also ask us to do you a customized nail-art design, one that fits your personality and your style. :) Book an appointment now, the number to call is 02-501-0533.

Ms. Silka 2010 Imelda Schweighart loves Elite Nails Spa :)

Imee Hart or Imelda Schweightart in real life is a promising young beauty who graced Elite Nails’ Spa’s launch of body spa services last January 15.  And yes, she loves it here at Elite Nails for her  spa, mani and pedi services :).


She is a 15-year old Filipina-German model who was born and raised in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.  She currently models Natasha, a known local clothing brand in the Philippines and just recently finished the newest and soon to air Coca-Cola TV Commercial. 

Imee’s biggest achievement happened last year when she bagged the crown from a recently concluded beauty pageant as Ms. Silka Philippines 2010 (a whitening soap brand).

Today, her lovely face is a common sight in the household television especially during prime time. She was once a contestant in one of the games in TV 5’s “Willing Willie” and just after a few days she was in for a hosting job, congrats Imee!

More blessings for this lovely sweetheart, way to go girl! :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tutti Fruity Kiddie Spa: A sweet indulgence for your little ones

How many times have you missed going to your nails salon because you just can’t leave your little ones at home? Have you ever postponed your scheduled pampering because the kids would love to go with you?

Most of the times, the kids love to go with their parents or their big sisters every time they go to a spa and hangout there like it’s just another play place. Some tots behaved as their parents told them and just settle watching and waiting patiently. Some energetic kiddos would really wander and gets really excited to checkout everything they see inside the spa.

Some clients end up uncomfortable instead of being relaxed and happy with our pampering because they tend to watch their kids’ action, stops and forbids them in between their feet scrubbing.

Worry no more because we at Elite Nails understand situations like these and we’ve come up with a great spa service especially for your little ones. You can now treat your child to a Kiddie Hand or Foot Spa and let them feel pampered like what you want to achieve for yourself. This is also a great time to spend a day with your child – a total indulgence and great bonding time in one.

Our signature Kiddie Spa – the Tutti Fruity Hand Spa (Php 100) & Tutti Fruity Foot Spa (Php 175) which carries the same pampering procedures that we have in the house – we’ll get those little hands and feet soaked, gently scrubbed, masked and massaged. The cute finale (for the little girls) – we’ll get your kid choose her nail polish from our cute collection of Etude House nail colors which smells like bubblegum (yummy!).  

Keep in mind that our nail polish is generally safe for kids and also for the environment. We guarantee you that each bottle of Etude House polish does not contain resin (a chemical ingredient associated with Formaldehyde which is one of the so-called “Toxic Trio”.

We value and care for your kids’ safety, we know that the nails are about much sensitive than skin and they easily absorbs anything we put on them. Being exposed to chemicals like above mentioned are linked to long-term health problems thus we make sure that your kids is safe and happy with our Tutti Fruity spampering :).

Reserve a slot now for you and your kiddo, call us up at 02-501-0533 for booking and appointment.

One of our cute guests who have tried the “Tutti Fruity Spa:)