Friday, November 30, 2012

Have you tried Threading?

We are happy to share with you this new service we have at Elite nails spa!  Now, you can say goodbye to awful years of plucking if that is your preferred way of cleaning and trimming up your brows, Threading is the trendier switch to go!

Threading gives your brows a well-defined arch that truly compliments your look any time of day. It is by far the gentlest option for hair removal on the face’s delicate skin particularly the browse, which is most-availed by women. Unlike waxing, threading is 100% natural and is much less painful because it only targets the individual hairs thus, skin irritation is kept to a minimum. Some waxing ingredients cause to have reaction on sensitive skin such as redness and irritation.  That’s a no-no for us girls especially this month is the season for parties left and right and we can’t be losers hiding inside our camp for days because our face is scary red!

If you’re thinking of something worthy to add to your beauty regime today, threading is a wonderful option too.  Only great result comes after trying it out, common now!

If you are considering trying Threading, visiting Elite Nails spa today or having your appointment booked asap should be the next thing you’ll do after reading this post. Here are the numbers to call - 09336537276, 09215918801, 09178086950 or at (02) 480-6832.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why Seaweed is Amazing for your skin

Bring back the natural glow of your face with Elite Nails' Seaweed Oil Control Facial for only P300 and now on promo, you'll get it FREE once you avail of our Body Scrub service for only P600.00.

An hour long organic facial treatment will guarantee you feeling refreshed with totally cleansed skin. The benefits of sea weeds are known to remove all kinds of impurities, makeup and excess oil. Seaweed is high in anti-bacterial properties that works well for the treatment of acne with the ability to work gently to purify and detoxify your skin and promotes healthy skin rejuvenation.

And because it's organic, you are worry-free of absorbing harmful chemicals to your skin, only beautiful and totally refreshed skin every time. Aside from it's chemical-free, seaweed facial is also great for those with sensitive skin type.

Try and see the benefits for your skin and make it a regular part of your skincare routine. Next, you'll see your skin change to a more glowing, youthful and amazingly nourished.

To know more about Seaweed Oil Control Facial and this promo, call us today at these numbers - 09336537276, 09215918801, 09178086950 or at (02) 480-6832.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Wear Glam while on Safari!

Those who have fancy for glitters and straightforward colors will surely love this 'Safari Collection' from China Glaze.  We’ve got new style and shades that will certainly not disappoint your taste for nails' fashion. 


The amazing collection of "the wild" composed of swatches namely:

·         Adventure Red-y. A medium-borderline-dark blue-toned red creme. My kind of red :)
·         Call of the Wild. Very dark burgundy-brown creme.
·         Desert Sun. China Glaze calls this one caramel, can also be a little orange-y.
·         CG Elephant Walk.  Cool graphite grey with a little bit of silver shimmer
·         China Glaze Exotic Encounters. A medium teal crème, certainly a hit!
·         China Glaze I Herd That.  The holographic glitters are to love for, turns out gold, copper or yellow-ish depending on the number of coat and finish top coat applied
·         I'm Not Lion.  Looks like light gold with excellent glitter mix
·         Jungle Queen.  Dusty, smoky and greyed-out purple that is.
·         Kalahari Kiss.  China Glaze calls it a light sand brown but more like yellow and a little bit beige when applied.
·         Man Hunt. A bright blue creme.
·         Prey Tell. Dark, vampy brown-tinged red.
·         Purr-fect Plum. Dark berry-purple

China Glaze's Safari Collection is part of Elite Nails' "New Arrival Nail Polish Collection" along with ORLY's Electronica and OPI's Germany Collection.

Checkout out these stash available now at all Elite Nails’ branches!