Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Conquer wrinkles, dull and dry skin with Nu Skin Galvanic Facial

Does your skin need an extra boost to fight off what seems to be everyone's problem - aging? Do you need a quick beauty solution that will let you say goodbye to dull and dry skin in a matter of weeks?  If your answer to both questions is 'Yes', then this blog is a spot on for you!

If you think you're doing your best in terms of cleansing and moisturizing and yet, you are not satisfied at what you see in the mirror, let Elite Nails Spa introduce you to the amazing wonders of Nu Skin Galvanic Facial Treatment and a promising beauty switch you can start today.

Nu Skin Galvanic Facial Treatment

The Nu Skin Galvanic Facial can actually give the satisfaction that we all desire to have - a younger, healthy-looking skin. This amazing discovery on technology and cosmetics is something we should be thankful for.  Thru NuSkin Galvanic Facial Treatment, we can now take aging one step backward.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Elite Nails Ritual: A Spa Peducure Like No Other

Nothing is better than having feet that feel and look good and making sure that aside from their great appearance, is our comfort in doing everything that requires our lower extremities’ help thus; our dear footsies should always be in great form and shape.  Having a foot spa nowadays is no longer a form of luxury.  Sure it’s an indulgence but we can all agree that our feet deserve it so much. It only matters where to have your pampering fix that fits just right to your budget.

Elite Nails Spa is proud to share that despite a lot of options available for consumers, we remain to be the regular place of spa-savvy people as we continuously strive to provide more than our client money’s worth.  As we hit our third year mark in the industry, we remains to be one of the most affordable specialty nail spa in the market.

Here's a foot pampering experience fit for a king & queen, for you!  Indeed, you are getting real value for money with Elite Nails’ foot treats that not only gives you the best foot spa experience but also big savings!

Under the Elite Spa Pedicure, feet are soaked in a warm and aromatic foot soak that immediately banish the feeling of exhaustion from your feet.  The foot soak is also capable of softening stubborn calluses and gives ease to for the ‘scrubbing’ part.  Your feet are cleansed before an application of natural scrub that removes all traces of dead, rough skin. Our scrubs are made of organic ingredients and this part is indeed a sure treat as our therapist gives you an invigorating scrub revealing a fresh, rejuvenated skin after rinsing.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Steps to Achieve an Amazing Set of Hands and Nails, Revealed!

Hello Elite Nails Spa lovers, how's your weekend going so far? We hope that your plans are working out the way you want it to be.

Anyway, here's a blog we want to share with you today because for years of blogging, we rarely talk about the amazing step-by-step procedures of how our awesome services are being done to delight our clients.  Here at Elite Nails Spa, we wanted to make a commitment that we are giving the highest value to your hard-earned money, be in the know if you’re getting your money’s worth.   

Today, let’s talk about the procedures of our Hand Spa Manicure.

 The Elite Hand Spa Manicure

Hard working hands need care and protection to keep them looking and feeling fresh and beautiful. Maintaining their beauty some times get missed but it's never too late to spoil your them. You can also defend your hands against daily wear and tear with Elite Nails Spa's luxurious hand spa manicure.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Introducing: OPI Couture De Minnie Collection

OPI has launched recently another amazing blend of girly fabulousness with their newest nail polish collection – Couture De Minnie.  And Minnie Mouse is love!  Always.  That’s why this new set of Minnie polishes from OPI adds new excitement to Elite Nails Spa lovers and to Minnie Mouse fans too of course. 

The new set includes 3 shimmer, an awesome glitter and another Liquid Sand polish. Again, this edition inspired by Disney’s popular mouse is much of a red and pink shick.  If you hadn’t had the chance to see and try the first edition, you can read back at this post – Who wants a MInnie cure?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Elite Nails Spa Franchise Opportunity

Running your own business gives you the freedom to be your own boss because you have the privilege to choose your work hours and business practices. It can be one of the most exciting shifts you'll ever decide on your life, transitioning to becoming a full-time entrepreneur.  On the other hand, starting a business and making it a success requires hard work, focus and commitment but most importantly, your passion must drive you to start one.  

Elite Nails Spa is born out of passion.  Our humble beginnings are backed up by our willingness to serve and make each client happy with their nails salon experience with us, our determination to improve our everyday spa practices and challenging our own selves to surpass our customer’s expectations. It's not an easy path to almost perfect each goal to succeed but we thrive to make it happen. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Stay Refreshingly Beautiful with our Whitening Facial

Stay pretty rain or shine and banish the beauty blues during the wet season with Elite Nails Spa'Facial treatment.

Looking gorgeous in spite of the rainy weather is indeed a challenge for most women.  The strong wind can totally messed up a finely-combed hair and ruin a perfectly made-up face.  Indeed, this is one worst scenario we want to avoid thus making use of the umbrella to hide a not-so-good-aura of ourselves instead of using it against the rain downpours.   There are just some days we can’t avoid and dominates our mood just like when a weather gone badly.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Why Choose Elite Nails Spa Franchise?

When planning a start-up business, you are bombarded with exciting ideas in your head and often times make peace with them before they even come to life.  New ideas are great, however, new businesses are prone to failure, and most new ideas take time to catch on. Franchising allows you to plug into a proven, successful idea and operating system, and focus your efforts on running the business, rather than on adjusting it in midstream. The wheel's been invented, perfected, branded, and marketed. As a franchisee, it's time to roll.

The same with Elite Nails Spa franchising, the doors of opportunities will open up for franchisees and a clearer set of values and priorities are established.  Here's to help you decide on getting a spa franchise, we've listed a few great reasons that will make you realize that with Elite Nails Spa, you are certainly on the right track.

• A fast-growing spa concept awarded by Top Brands Award as “Most Outstanding Lifestyle Nail Spa Specialty Salon” in just less than a year of being in the business.

• Promotes a high set of standards in our products, services and our business operations.

Take Off the Despicable Armpit Hair Strands with Elite Nails' Underarm Waxing!

It’s time to put those under arm problems behind you!  Elite Nails Spa introduces the Under Arm Waxing service that will surely replace your worries with excitement.  Be confident wearing sleeveless and move forward from having second thoughts on lifting your arms when necessary because here’s the answer to the common longing for a white underarm.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Enjoy the Rainy Days with these Amazing Spa Deals!

This week in all its rainy gloom – has been a little nightmare for us.  Sure, this season is indeed a bed weather and all we would love to do is become a couch potato.  However, there’s no holiday for workers and students, unless there’s a storm signal, braving the rain off to your destination is indeed an unlikely choice.  And even those who stay at home won’t like the idea of getting wet if they have to do some errands outside.  We all have our own rainy day blues – but there are better clues to make the most of it this season.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Championing Intimate Grooming with Elite Nails Spa's Brazilian Wax

Whether you’re getting ready for any ‘swimsuit occasion’ or just want to look your best in sexy new thong and perfectly fit a skinny jeans, you’ve probably given some thought to removing the hair along your bikini line. However, fashion is only secondary because the most consideration of women having a bikini wax is all for hygienic purposes.  One of the better ways to  get rid of the uninvited hair that shows up and causes a few irritations at times or probably keep them gone for as long as possible is by having a Brazilian or Bikini Wax.  If you want to experience the benefits of this hair removal technique, you can be our guest at our spa.  We'll be glad to share with you why it has become one of the top requested services in our spa while ensuring your utmost privacy and satisfaction after the procedure.