Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Updated Menu of Services with Prices: Nail Arts, Nail Extensions & Enhancements, Paraffin Treatment, Depileve Waxing + Promo Packages!

Hand Painted Nail Art
Read more and view nail art designs here and here

Basic Design P140.00 
Glamour Design P160.00 
Elite Design Design P200.00 
Rhinestone P50.00 (both hands or feet)  
Pearls P60.00 (both hands or feet) 
Fimo Slice P10.00 each 
Nail Decals P220.00 
Nail Foil P220.00 
French Manicure P130.00 
French Toes P140.00
Nail Extension
plastic or acetate tips glued to the natural nails that gives a natural-looking long nails
Nail Enhancements
are nail wraps usually made of silk, linen & sometimes paper or a gel acrylic powder
Prices applicable to both nail extension and nail enhancement services:

Full tip with basic nail art P650.00 
Acrylic Sculpture with basic nail art P1,800.00
Silk Extension with basic nail art P2,000.00
French Tip with basic nail art P1,200.00
Retouch / Removal P600.0
Paraffin Treatment 
Gives both the hands and feet the benefit of softening, moisturized, improved blood circulation, relieves stiffness and the overall relaxing feel.
Whitening Hand Paraffin with Manicure P250.00
Peppermint Foot Paraffin with Pedicure P280.00
Purifying Foot Paraffin with Pedicure P280.00
Depileve Waxing
Read more about the benefits of waxing here.  
Body Part

Upper Lip
Under Arm
Half Leg
Full Leg
Bikini Line
French Cut
Female rate

Male rate
Elite Packages:

Elite Hand and Foot Spa Package + Hand or Foot Paraffin  P750.00 
Elite Hand and Foot Spa Package + Basic Nail Art   P700.00 
Whitening Hand Paraffin with Scrub + Manicure + Pedicure P550.00 
Purifying Foot Paraffin with Scrub + Pedicure + Manicure P600.00

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Updated Menu of Serives: Galvanic Spa & Facials

Whitening Facial (Skin Whitening Treatment)      
This treatment combines soothing mint and purifying lemongrass to soothe the feet, improve circulation, prevent moisture and odor.
Php 300.00
Seaweed Oil Control (Pore minimizing Facial)        
It purifies the pores, balances oil secretions, helps regulate sebum production. This treatment gently & effectively hydrates, soothes and calms irritated and blemished skin.
Php 300.00
Nu Skin Face Lift Facial (Pore minimizing Facial)
An excellent product for those who want their face to look and feel younger. This product immediately reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles as it lifts the outer layer of the skin. It also imporoves skin tone, color and conditions skin for a more youthful appearance.
Php 300.00
Galvanic Facial                
Indulge with the youthful spa benefit of Nu Skin’s ageLOC Galvanic Spa treatment that gives tons of anti-ageing benefits. Ageloc Galvanic Spa is clinically proven to increase the amount of actives to the skin by 5 times helping you really maximize your skin’s potential prolonging the look and feel of youth, health and vibrancy.
Read more here
Php 600.00
NEW! Galvanic Facial with Nu Skin Face Lift Masque
Php 800.00
NEW! Galvanic Facial with Oil Control Masque                

Php 700.00
Galvanic Treatments for:                
Arms Php 800.00 
Legs Php 1,000.00 
Tummy Php 1,000.00

Monday, June 27, 2011

Updated Menu of Services

Our Specialty Hand and Foot Spa with Manicure/Pedicure Description and Prices:

These treatments give you the elite hand spa & manicure experience :)

Detox Ginger Spa Manicure (anti-oxidant)       
Enjoy the natural healing qualities of ginger.  This anti-oxidant-rich treatment focuses on skin renewal and protection from free radicals and premature aging.  "Feel the Healing" for only P220.00
Php 220.00
Rejuvenating Spa Manicure    
The "Anti-aging" Spa Manicure.  Minimize fine lines, increase elasticity and lighten aging pigment on backs of the hands.  Hydrating and soothing massage, followed with beautiful polish application. Restore your vibrant and youthful skin tone with this premium treatment.  Series of 6 sessions is recommended for best results.           
Php 240.00
Whitening Spa Manicure 
For an ultimate whitening and softening skin benefit.  Truly amazing and is currently our bestseller!
Php 250.00
Lavender Fields Spa Manicure                         
Begin your descent into relaxation with an application of lavender essential oil long used for its relaxing aromatherapy.  A lavender scrub will buff your hands and a nourishing warm masque wrap for a more relaxing feel.  A stress relief treatment oil will follow to nourish (more) and soothe your skin and transform you to a "Lavender Field" experience.
Php 220.00
Gent’ Espresso Spa Manicure
Awake your senses in a whole new way!  This premium hand treatment stimulates, detoxify and regenerate your tired hands.  Especially created to reduce calluses and vanish dry, rough skin while the aroma energized your senses. Enjoy a steaming cup of espresso to complete your experience.          
Php 220.00
Vitamin E – Healthy Nails Milk and Vanilla Spa Manicure
Pamper yourself with this specialty manicure and hand treatment using Vitamin E packed herbal scrub.  Your hands will be treated with a Vitamin E soak, then nails shaped, cuticles trimmed, massage with a vitamin therapy milk and vanilla hand treatment cream which includes lightening ingredients.  Finish it off with a polish of your choice.
Php 230.00
Classic Cucumber Melon Spa Pedicure 
A nourishing cucumber melon soak, maintenance of nails and cuticles followed with a muscle-relieving massage for the hands and arms plus your choice of nail polish to complete
Php 180.00

These treatments give you the elite foot spa & pedicure experience :)

Purifying Spa Pedicure      
This treatment combines soothing mint and purifying lemongrass to soothe the feet, improve circulation, prevent moisture and odor.
Php 350.00
Ultimate Mint Spa Pedicure         
Put the spring back in your step! It’s time to cool, energize and invigorate those tired feet with the power of natural peppermint oil soak and enjoy an ultimate scrub, moisturize and massage to complete your pampering session
Php 350.00
Lightening Spa Pedicure (lightens the skin and erases appearance of blemishes)
For an ultimate whitening and softening skin benefit.  Truly amazing and is currently our bestseller!
Php 380.00
NEW! Sweet Cleopatra Bliss Foot Spa Pedicure (Mixture of Vanilla Extract & Milk)                       
The glycerin and proteins found in milk act to increase the elasticity of the skin and naturally increase its moisture level. This treatment nourishes your skin and gives it a healthier look.
Php 370.00
Rejuvenating Spa Pedicure                       
This treatment beautifies and rejuvenates tired feet. This ultra-hydrating rejuvenating collagen foot treatment which includes facial quality anti-aging actives is highly recommended to restore youthful glow and radiant skin.
Php 370.00
Lavender Mint Spa Pedicure                      
An infusion of fresh lavender and peppermint essential oils invite your feet on a soothing journey of total relaxation. We exfoliate your soles with our organique apricot walnut scrub made from lavender and peppermint extracts.  The aroma gives a relaxing scent, take away stress and leave your feet soft and cool for hours!  A massage on your knees all the way down to your toes with lavender and mint foot butter is a perfect finale of this treatment.
Php 350.00
Luxurious Dead Sea Salt                       
The ultimate pedicure experience! This luxurious dead-sea-inspired facial for the feet features an intensive dead sea salt scrub and spa experience.  A luxurious euca, orange icy mint dead sea mud foot masque is applied to nourish the feet which follows with a lower leg massage.  To relieve dry skin an cracked heels, a soothing foot therapy butter is applied prior to the finishing touches.  Cuticles are perfected and nails are clipped, shaped and buffed before nail polish is applied.
Php 360.00
Espresso Mint Spa Manicure
Awake your senses in a whole new way!  This premium foot treatment stimulates, detoxify and regenerate your tired feet.  Especially created to reduce calluses and vanish dry, rough skin while the aroma energized your senses. Enjoy a steaming cup of espresso to complete your experience.          
Php 350.00
Classic Spa Pedicure 
An invigorating soak along with complete nail and cuticle maintenance.  Hydrating massage of the feet, legs, followed with branded nail polish.
Php 180.00
Tutti Fruity Kiddi Foot Spa
Let your little one indulge in a sweet yummy scent of bubblegum spa and finish off this cute experience with Etude nail polish – a generally safe for kids polish brand.
Php 175.00

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ever tried a Ventosa Treatment?

Image source
Ventosa or Cupping Treatment is said to be originated in the North China during the Mongolian era but in the Philippines, our ancestors have already been using this type of treatment to heal common illnesses such as cough, flu, stiffness and muscle tensions.

A vacuum cup made of glass to stimulate the acupuncture meridian is used in this treatment and is performed by placing the glass on the skin with heat inside to create a vacuum, lifts the skin and appears elevated inside the glass. The glass should be locked in place onto the skin to ensure that the air is sucked away to draw toxins out of muscles, tendons and ligaments. You will feel a little bit of pain but it is guaranteed that the more pain you feel during the process, the more comfortable you'll feel afterwards. The glass when removed leaves some red and blue marks on the skin which means localized healing taking place.

The therapist will follow it with a light to strong massage on the areas where the vacuums are placed to completely alleviate pain and discomfort caused by stiffness and tensed muscles.

The best-known benefit of this treatment is that it promotes blood circulation in areas that has muscle knots and removes accumulated nodules or "lamig" in the body.

A Ventosa with massage costs only P600.00 for a session.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Body Scrub: Why do you need one?

A Body scrub is a great way to keep your skin healthy, clean and beautiful. The scrubs remove the dead skin cells in the body to reveal a more silky-smooth skin. While you can also do it at home, treating yourself for a body scrub in a spa is more indulging, convenient and efficient. Our therapists are well-trained to perform this service and we'll be very glad to do it for you.

A price of body scrub varies in terms of client's preference of which result he/she wants to achieve.  Detailed below are our body scrub with description/benefits and prices:

Body Contouring and Firming Scrub  
Only Php700.00
Full body exfoliation using Dead Sea salt, mandarin orange and aromatherapy essential oil blends.  Our unique sea salt experience will leave your skin tingling with freshness and glowing.  Dead Sea mineral body mask is used to detoxify and cleanse.  It also contains seaweed extract which also aids in the reduction of cellulite and excellent for case of water retention.

Glowing Body Polish and Wrap (Whitening)
Only Php700.00
Are you looking for a treatment that will brighten your skin?  We are proud to present to you our ultimate body treat for those who are seeking silky-smooth skin and luminous skin.  You’ll surely love a luxurious 90-minute Papaya Pineapple Body Polish that will surely stimulate your senses.  The Papaya’s active enzymes also penetrate the skin to give you the perfect glow, and the coconut oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

Moisture Drench Anti-Aging Scrub and Wrap  
Only Php700.00
Drench your skin with this ultra hydrating body treat that will counteract the skin’s lack of elasticity, while hydrating and firming, to combat signs of pre mature aging.  Fine lines are reduced and the skin is renewed with vitality after this luxurious indulgence.

Uplifting & Cooling Rosemary Dead Sea Salt Scrub & Masque Wrap 
Only Php700.00
Renew body and mind with this superb exfoliating body treatment using mineral-rich Dead Sea Salt blended with aromatherapy rosemary oil to stimulate circulation.  It sloughs away dull surfaces and nourishes new skin cells.  This invigorating scrub will soften the skin, leaving the surface smooth and polished.

Visit Elite Nails Spa today and see for your self the promises of these indulgence and hey, YOU deserve it :).

Friday, June 3, 2011

How Cigarettes Smoking Affects Your Nails

We regularly go to nails spa to care for our hand and foot. We indulge, detoxify and fill our senses with organic scrubs and massage oils and we feel revitalized. And we thank God for the good life we have.

However, some of us are into smoking. It has been a habit for many who just can’t let go of smoking easily.  Despite the many hazardous effects, a website reiterated how smoking can affect those lovely nails beyond the health and wellness issues of smoking:

One more thing is particularly ugly– yellow fingernails. They become yellow from all the smoke, nicotine and filters you hold, and that shade cannot be washed off. Also, the smell is something people notice very often, and you can't hide that either. Fingernails look horrible and get weaker if you smoke and that is a long term problem which stays even after you quit smoking. It takes years to undo damage caused by tobacco, and sometimes it simply can't be done – you are stuck with bad teeth, dry skin and yellow fingernails.

Cigarettes prevent your skin and your nails from getting enough oxygen which is why damages become so visible, so fast.

All our effort to achieve beautiful and healthy nails will be turned into a waste if we still continue to smoke. Quitting is a hard pursuit, but let’s take into consideration the more important things in this life involving longevity to be with your loved ones.  Smoking can take away everything from us; we better act and stop NOW.

And when the government agency MMDA announced the no-smoking policy in Metro Manila, we are very glad to be supporting the campaign to make Metro Manila a smoke-free place. This would really help big to those who are kind-of addicted already to cigarettes sticks to try removing the habit little by little. 

If you get caught, you’ll be fined P500.00 which already equivalents to having a pampered session for your hands and feet. Don’t take the risk if your health will suffer, spend your money wisely and beautifully. :)

Glutathione IV Injection now available at Elite Nails Spa!

White.  Younger-looking.  Glowing

Elite Nails Spa brings to you the latest rave in skin whitening - the Glutathione IV Injection that will let you achieve fair and younger looking skin in just a short span of time.

Glutathione IV injection is said to be the most effective skin whitening procedure as it targets the cells in our body.  The cells are revitalizes and helps in activating the anti-oxidants in the body that aids the liver cells in particular to regenerate from damages and keep it healthy.  There is a side-effect in taking/using glutathione and it’s known to making the skin whiter and fairer.

Call us to book your appointment today.