Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Uncover Dark Secrets with Elite Nails' Bleaching Services

Every year, starting March until the month of May closes, spending the most epic summer often times include the opportunity to wear your most favorite swimming and beach outfits.  Long ahead, we are preparing like crazy to be on our best, to sport the tiniest waist line and the slimmest bod for various beach parties.  After a successful starve-like-crazy diets, next to think of is the underneath-the-shoulder-and-arm-pits and the intimate parts in our thighs. Admit it or not, dark underarms and inner thighs are indeed a challenge for most of us, it ain't cool right? It’s like Mr. Confidence leaves you in mayhem if you have unsightly dark skin for these parts, and yes, the feeling can be that extreme lol!

Worry no more because your skin fairy place, Elite Nails Spa will help you as always, to achieve the answer for your dilemma. We are proud to offer you our Skin Bleaching Services for Underarms and Inner Thighs.  These are safe, effective and a lot more affordable and will surely indulge you to come back for your next sessions.  Our goal is to set you free from all your 'dark secrets' and have abundant supply of confidence whatever outfit you wear, wherever you go. Plus, summer is the season for those polka dot bikinis and short shorts and we won't like gazes that don't shows admiration but disgust, make sure you’re wearing your best. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Elite Nail Spa's Exlusive Treats for Graduates!


Elite Nails Spa congratulates the graduates of 2013!  Reward your loved one for a job well done on graduation day with Elite Nails Spa’s Graduation Packages!

Whether it's kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, or graduate school, graduation is always a big day for everyone. Finding ways to reward our loved ones after completing years of hard work in school is always a big deal for us. The milestones of our dear students in this special day is always worthy for a celebration.

Why not give your graduates the ultimate pampering gift that will make them realize the worth of all their hard work, stress and anxiety over the years spent in school.  After all, these for sure have taken its toll on their mind and body and we need to recognize their effort by letting them experience the much needed rest and tranquility with Elite Nails Spa’s rejuvenating treatments especially offered to our beloved graduates.