Monday, May 23, 2011

Prettify with MATTE Nail Polish

Isn't it matte polish really cool?

What's good about matte polish is that they dry up really fast. See that from above photo? Right after the technician applied the polish, we took the picture and the result is I'm telling you, really eye-catching. I personally tried it and I just don't go tired looking at and showing them off, really cool.

You also don't need to add top coat to maintain its matte finish.  With the photo below, a few strokes for some art is added using shiny coats just so to further enhance the nails with matte polish.  And the result is just amazing :)

Matte is the latest trend in today's nail fashion. Shines and shimmer are still in but we assure that matte is so worth a try. It's like a breath of fresh air for your nails :).

We use BK Matte Nail polish and it's available in different colors. Try it out now because you are definitely worth it! :)

Now Open! Elite Nails Spa Kapitolyo branch

Because we care for your needs, we have opened our new branch to continue providing you indulgence and well-being any time of day!

Elite Nails Hand, Foot and Body Spa Kapitolyo branch is now open, please visit us soon :)

Take a peak ;)

Pampering for Men

We all know that men won't admit it but I'm sure they love to be pampered too! If we women are delighted every time we submit ourselves to our pampering havens, I guess most men would also love to try it once in a while, although some are just a little too coy to speak about it or make a request from their girlfriends, wives and moms.

Here at Elite Spa, we understand the needs of men and that's why we have our elite spa packages dedicated for the gents.  There's our signature body spa and massages to help them loosen up and relax their tense muscles from a hard day of work.  And of course, real men also need to look good, let them try out our age-defying or whitening facials to complete a pampering reward for him.

Here are our suggested pampering services for your beloved men :)

Gent's Espresso Mint Spa Manicure & Pedicure
Awake your senses in a whole new way. This premium foot spa treatment salt will stimulate, detoxify and regenerate your tired hands and feet. Especially created to reduce calluses and vanishes dry, rough skin while the aroma awakens your senses.

Enticing photos below:

Whitening Facial (Skin Whitening Treatment)
This treatment will tone down skin pigmentation to create a fair-looking skin complexion.  It also provides long-term lightening effect and helps fade aging spots and abnormal skin pigmentation.

Seaweed Oil Control (Pore Minimizing Facial)
It purifies the pores, balances oil secretions, and helps regulate sebum production.  This treatment gently and effectively hydrates, soothe and calm irritated and blemished skin and aims to restructure and restore the skin.

Galvanic Facial
Lifts, tightens, firms the skin and erases fine lines and wrinkles.  It is clinically proven to increase the amount of actives to the skin by 5 times helping you really maximize your skin’s potential prolonging the look and feel of youth, health and vibrancy. Read more.

Elite Signature Massage
Specially and carefully designed from the best techniques found in popular massage styles such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, along with carefully modified techniques that our therapists formulated based on our clients' response to the massages, with some strained areas given more attention or some rigorous techniques taken down a notch, all adjusted to achieve better results.

Sports Massage
This type of massage particularly caters to athletes or individuals involved in sports or rigorous physical activities.  The Sports Massage differs in its specificity in targeting parts of the body that are either in need of pre-event conditioning, post-event conditioning, rehabilitative treatment or restorative treatment for those who wish to train harder while experiencing minimal pain or injury in the process.

Make your man's day extra special; he deserves the feeling of being like a king once in a while.  After all, a little pampering goes a long way especially when it's unexpected. J
Call us and we'll help you do the job. :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Latest Orly Collection

Let your nails talk..

    …amazing and captivating Nail colors..

Truly irresistible…

Orly Ancient Jade

Orly Star Spangled

Orly Chica Boom

Orly Glided Coral

Orly Green Apple

Orly Prince Charming

Orly Snow Cone
Orly Luxe

Orly Matte Vinyl

Orly Royal Navy

Orly Pure Porcelain

Orly Rage
Orly Star of Bombay

Now available at Elite Nails Spa

Elite Nails Spa Now open for Franchise Opportunities

We want to help you out.  We want you to become part of  our success.  We want you to earn good income, makes more happy and pampered customers like we do, and enjoy the business at the convenient of your preferred place, where else but at the comfort of your neighborhood.

Elite Nails Spa Franchising offers:

·         Low Royalty Fee
·         Low Startup Costs
·         Lowest Franchising Fee

·         Plus a full hands-on assistance on the first months of your branch's operations.

For more info, please call or email us at below contact information and we'll be glad to discuss with you the details of this business opportunity.

Tel. Nos.

Email Us: