Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Prom Night? Bring it on!

Hey there young ladies! February is almost over and the coming month has probably been in your radar since last year and now that it’s so close, excitement are all the more brewing up on you isn’t it?

Considering how special a prom night is what preparations have you done so far or have you crossed out any from your checklist of what to wear, what pair of shoes will be comfortable for a night of dancing, a make-up and hairdo that will match your style, and even the after-the-prom plans? If you haven’t get started any of these, take a deep breath and allow yourself to relax before making a clear decision to any of the above.  You may need sometime but always remember that along with planning to look your best on a special occasion is also being comfortable with yourself.  Avoid stressing too much all by yourself, you may ask a friend to help you out or someone who’s also going to the prom and you can plan about the night together. A trip to a nail spa with your girlfriends is also a great idea to have your mani and pedi done, get those browse thread or waxed or have your underarms bleached for that perfect sleeveless gown. A massage will also allow you some time to relax before the big night. It won’t hurt to bring a ton of confidence and a stash of congeniality with you too for a sure night of fun with your friends and a possible conversation with one or two of the cutest dudes in your school J.

Your prom night should be one of the most memorable part of your teenage life, condition your mind that you will be there to have fun with everyone, take lots of photos and dance to your heart content. Surely, it’s going to be an epic night so rock it girl! J