Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Authentic Polish Brands: Please be guided accordingly

It has come to our attention that some fake ORLY & OPI nail polish are out in the market and are being patronized and used by some nails salon.  The staff will then sell/offer it to their customers vouching the polish is of genuine brand.  This is really frustrating to know that counterfeits have also targeted the nail polish products these days. We felt bad for the customers who are paying a bit higher to avail quality products without realizing they are being deceived.

We at Elite Nails Spa vouched the authenticity of our products that we use for all our services.  Particularly for ORLY Nail Polish, we guarantee you that each bottle of Orly Nail Polish and of other brands that you will find in our spa is bought exclusively from the legitimate distributors here in the Philippines. Rest assured that we will do our best to help you achieve real quality spa services by providing you authentic and legitimate products at all times.

Stay updated in this blog as we are coordinating it also to distributors to furnish us a checklist or guidelines on how to identify fake polish brands so by all yourself, you can examine if what you are getting is worth of what you are paying for.