Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lithening Spa Pedicure - A treat for every feet :)

Elite Nails Spa's treat for this month!

Tired of endless home-remedies to get rid of dark spots on toes and blemishes on your feet? I feel you! There is actually nothing wrong with certain DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tips however, we  get tired of the routines at times. The treatments may be way cheaper but having to think of the preparation and doing the procedures all by yourself, is kind of stressful too.

Like what we always say here in Elite Nails Spa, everyone deserves to be pampered like a queen! Don't you want a complete rest and an hour or two of pure pampering delight after a stressful week at work? We're no superheroes all the time - we've got to let someone take care of our pampering needs..simply because we deserve it.

Don't let life's savor get lost by depriving yourself of special treatments like above. Head on to Elite nails Spa and be our guest!