Thursday, July 12, 2012

Who wants a "MINNIE"- CURE?

Another special nail polish collection that OPI launched recently is the vintage Minnie Mouse collection which showcase the so-Minnie-colors.  You can already check these out from our stash:

 "The Color of Minnie"

"Nothin' Mousie Bout It"

“I’m All Ears”

“If You Moust You Moust”

Minnie Mouse is vintage but she always makes everyone of us feel young.  Relive the big red bow and sparkly ears outfit and complete a perfect spunky impression with OPI's Minnie Mouse nail polish collection.

A friendly reminder, book you and your girlfriends' appointment early (Call #632-4806832), because the girls in town are already raving about Minnie :).

Feel free to checkout and book thru our branches online facebook pages:

Elite Nails Spa - WWCC (Mandaluyong)