Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Have a fun pampering with our Foot and Hand Spa for Kids!

How many times have you missed going to your nails salon because you just can’t leave your little ones at home? Have you ever postponed your scheduled pampering because the kids would love to go with you?

Most of the times, the kids love to go with their parents or their big sisters every time they go to a spa and hangout there like it’s just another play place. Some tots behaved as their parents told them and just settle watching and waiting patiently. Some energetic kiddos would really wander and gets really excited to checkout everything they see inside the spa.  Some clients end up uncomfortable instead of being relaxed and happy with our pampering because they tend to watch their kids’ action, stops and forbids them in between their feet scrubbing.

Worry no more because we at Elite Nails understand situations like these and we’ve come up with a great spa service especially for your little ones. You can now treat your child to a Kiddie Hand or Foot Spa and let them feel pampered like what you want to achieve for yourself. This is also a great time to spend a day with your child – a total indulgence and great bonding time in one.

Our signature Kiddie Spa – the Tutti Fruity Hand Spa (Php 100) & Tutti Fruity Foot Spa (Php 175) which carries the same pampering procedures that we have in the house – we’ll get those little hands and feet soaked, gently scrubbed, masked and massaged. The cute finale (for the little girls) – we’ll get your kid choose her nail polish from our cute collection of Etude House nail colors which smells like bubblegum (yummy!).  

Keep in mind that our nail polish is generally safe for kids and also for the environment. We guarantee you that each bottle of Etude House polish does not contain resin (a chemical ingredient associated with Formaldehyde which is one of the so-called “Toxic Trio”.

We value and care for your kids’ safety, we know that the nails are about much sensitive than skin and they easily absorbs anything we put on them. Being exposed to chemicals like above mentioned are linked to long-term health problems thus we make sure that your kids is safe and happy with our Tutti Fruity spampering :).

Reserve a slot now for you and your kiddo, call us up for booking and appointment!  Checkout Elite Nails branches and contract info here.

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