Friday, May 3, 2013

Because real men are clean - Elite Nails New Cool Water Spa and Manicure for Men

To all the gents out there, did you know that welcoming an opportunity to experience indulgence at some female-dominated nooks will surprise you even more? After a relaxing and enjoyable time at the spa, you will definitely realize its worth for your money. You really don't need to spend a thousands bucks to achieve a set of dashing hands and feet and neat-perfect nails, hitting the spa and nail salons nowadays are no longer exclusives for the ladies.  Gone are the days and doubts our dear gentlemen, indulging to a hand and foot spa and having your manicure and pedicure done by professionals from these salons would even earn you additional "pogi" points as you sets importance on grooming and for the metro sexual men, a BIG plus points! 

The best way to start this habit is to bring someone with you who's not a first-timer in nail salons. Preferably a girlfriend, a sister or your mom can be the perfect buddy for this occasion. Let go of years-age dead skins and callouses from your hands and feet while enjoying the very masculine scent of our Cool Water Spa Manicure and Pedicure.  It would also help to advise your assigned nail technician about having tips and toes that are clip and trim virgins. After all, it's just a mani-pedi, don't be so hard on your self, you are still a guy after, only with perfectly clean nails :)

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