Sunday, June 30, 2013

Have a Delightful Glowing Skin and More Benefits with IV Glutathione

Way before the hype of Glutathione, a lot of medical articles have already highlighted its benefits being a master anti-oxidant.  Glutathione is an important defense against diseases, toxins, viruses, pollutants, radiation and oxidative stress.  This small protein produced naturally in every cell of our body, is made up of three protein building blocks, called amino acids. These are cysteine, glycerin, & glutamic acid which do wonders for our body.  


Some of Glutathione’s health benefits are:

  • Regenerates new cells. Highly regarded as an antiaging supplement.
  • Helps liver remove toxic chemicals from the body, especially toxicity from disease and pain related drugs like acetaphetamine etc. It is also very effective in removing heavy metals like lead and mercury.
  • Increases energy. When free radicals are diminished energy levels will increase.
  • Fights 69 different diseases. It is especially effective for the aging diseases like cancer, heart disease, alzheimers, dementia etc.
  • Improves heart and lung capacity and function.

Glutathione is also one of the best skin whitening procedures availed by many for it gives a much younger looking fairer skin with an amazing glow effect. Today, the Glutathione Intravenous (IV) injection is getting high demands also in spa and/or skin care clinics because this procedure is the most effective in getting a whiter skin in a span of weeks or months. You can already see visible changes in the skin tone after the third or fourth session.

Aside from the health benefits, below are some more of the wonders of IV Glutathione that you're skin will surely thank you for:

  • Get rid of dark spots on your skin and enjoy life completely carefree
  • Effective procedure to improve and whiten sensitive skin
  • Achieve healthy white and rejuvenated skin
  • Repairs, evens out, and lightens skin discoloration

The big question however, is IV glutathione safe? Our answer is also a big "Yes!" As long as there’s a proper guideline for administration, there's nothing to worry.  Elite Nails Spa has been administering IV Glutathione and this is a regular service you can avail by appointment.  It is also suitable for both men and women. For best results, 10 sessions with 1-week intervals is recommended.

Nothing makes you feel as confident as having glowing and radiant skin - Elite Nails Spa strives to always fill the need. For more information about IV Glutathione, visit Elite Nails Spa today, checkout the nearest branch to you from below:

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