Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ever tried a Ventosa Treatment?

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Ventosa or Cupping Treatment is said to be originated in the North China during the Mongolian era but in the Philippines, our ancestors have already been using this type of treatment to heal common illnesses such as cough, flu, stiffness and muscle tensions.

A vacuum cup made of glass to stimulate the acupuncture meridian is used in this treatment and is performed by placing the glass on the skin with heat inside to create a vacuum, lifts the skin and appears elevated inside the glass. The glass should be locked in place onto the skin to ensure that the air is sucked away to draw toxins out of muscles, tendons and ligaments. You will feel a little bit of pain but it is guaranteed that the more pain you feel during the process, the more comfortable you'll feel afterwards. The glass when removed leaves some red and blue marks on the skin which means localized healing taking place.

The therapist will follow it with a light to strong massage on the areas where the vacuums are placed to completely alleviate pain and discomfort caused by stiffness and tensed muscles.

The best-known benefit of this treatment is that it promotes blood circulation in areas that has muscle knots and removes accumulated nodules or "lamig" in the body.

A Ventosa with massage costs only P600.00 for a session.