Friday, June 3, 2011

How Cigarettes Smoking Affects Your Nails

We regularly go to nails spa to care for our hand and foot. We indulge, detoxify and fill our senses with organic scrubs and massage oils and we feel revitalized. And we thank God for the good life we have.

However, some of us are into smoking. It has been a habit for many who just can’t let go of smoking easily.  Despite the many hazardous effects, a website reiterated how smoking can affect those lovely nails beyond the health and wellness issues of smoking:

One more thing is particularly ugly– yellow fingernails. They become yellow from all the smoke, nicotine and filters you hold, and that shade cannot be washed off. Also, the smell is something people notice very often, and you can't hide that either. Fingernails look horrible and get weaker if you smoke and that is a long term problem which stays even after you quit smoking. It takes years to undo damage caused by tobacco, and sometimes it simply can't be done – you are stuck with bad teeth, dry skin and yellow fingernails.

Cigarettes prevent your skin and your nails from getting enough oxygen which is why damages become so visible, so fast.

All our effort to achieve beautiful and healthy nails will be turned into a waste if we still continue to smoke. Quitting is a hard pursuit, but let’s take into consideration the more important things in this life involving longevity to be with your loved ones.  Smoking can take away everything from us; we better act and stop NOW.

And when the government agency MMDA announced the no-smoking policy in Metro Manila, we are very glad to be supporting the campaign to make Metro Manila a smoke-free place. This would really help big to those who are kind-of addicted already to cigarettes sticks to try removing the habit little by little. 

If you get caught, you’ll be fined P500.00 which already equivalents to having a pampered session for your hands and feet. Don’t take the risk if your health will suffer, spend your money wisely and beautifully. :)