Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Free Hand Nail Arts – Stylish Nail Designs Preferred by Most Women

At Elite Nails, we pride ourselves in providing your nails the work of magic as we give you wide array of design choices for your nails and even customize designs of your preference.

Because we value your thoughts on what you feel best fit your fashion and personality, we are trying our very best to improve ourselves and deliver our expertise beyond your expectation.  That’s why our nail art designs are 100% manually made by our nail technicians because we want to make sure you receive high value for the price you paid for.

Some complicated design samples by our talented nail techs which are also most requested by previous clients:




More of Elite Nails' Work of Arts :) Click on photo to appreciate. 

Free hand Nail Art or the manually made nail art designs are often most-availed especially if the client aims to wear long-lasting nail designs. Through wear and tear, and even when you wash your hands at times, the free hand nail art remains intact for as long as weeks!

3 Major Considerations of Freehand/Manual Nail Art over Digital Nail Art:

  • With Free Hand Nail Arts, the design choices are endless, you can customize according to your own
    personal taste too.
  • Free hand nail arts last longer than digital nail designs. Most of our clients have vouched that nail arts which our nail techs have done for them would last up to 2 weeks* while the digital nail art they have tried would only last for 3 days. This is way more economical right?
  • Free hand nail art allows wider coverage of designs in the nail bed unlike the machine-created designs that has specific size already. This is why you’ll notice some of the digital/stamped nail art designs are quite insufficient to wider and longer nails, the designs don’t get maximized. But not in free hand nail art because you can even ask the nail tech to fill your nails with lots of design as much as you like.

At Elite Nails, we work in style to flatter you all time of day. Check out new cool features in our Spa by visiting this blog regularly.