Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello and Welcome 2012!

So…where did December go? How can it possibly passes like a flash? And the next time we know, we’re welcoming another year, whew!

Last year as the world welcomes the New Year, Elite Nails Spa, for one, have high hopes for 2012. This will mark our 2nd year in the business and we’re just too glad we’ve reached this far. Survival is way better last 2011 as the door of opportunities for our name to be known in the main stream opened for us. Which brought our beloved clients back and forth and we gained a much-needed-exposure. We are so honored and happy for everything.

Elite Nails Spa has conquered a brave world out there and we are forever grateful to everyone who has been our source of inspiration and support.

God bless this year and everyone. Cheers to more years of pampering!