Friday, January 13, 2012

Thank God it’s Friday!

No to whatever-bad-vibes of Friday the 13th’ misconstrued as for all ages of time. Hence, it’s indeed a day to be thankful as we welcome, always the best days of the year – weekends!

Time to shrug off the weekday grind and look forward to a well spent day of rest either with your family and friends or just by you. Whether you have a company or not, make sure to give yourself extra time to loosen up, have fun and rejuvenate because you deserve it.  You need to prepare for the next days of work ahead of you thus, make sure you have a well spent weekend.

If you’re planning for a visit to a day spa, it is important that you look for clean, serene and uplifting environment to achieve total relaxation for your tired mind and body. There's no better way to spend a day of rest but feeling rejuvenated which Elite Nails Spa guarantee to provide you with our professional massage and more rejuvenating body services. 

I shall start with our very first promo for this year which you should get your hands at quick. Avail a body scrub service, flourished with only the best organic scrub ingredients, and Get a FREE 30 minute massage! You save P300.00 immediately! Awesome! You can still give treats even after Cristmas by availing this promo, after all the holiday stress are still on, give  a voucher as early Chinese New Year’s gift to yourself or to someone.  You see, one way to fight off bad lucks is to be generous with good vibes and one is being stress-free and making someone feels the same. 

Cheers to a New Year and a better and New Us! :)