Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pampering Treat for your Tired Hands & Feet

Give your hands and feet a holiday too!
This season, you can’t help but abuse your feet from endless shopping.
And your hands’ maybe too full from the Holiday preparations. They need some rest.

And if you take care of them both, you take care of your whole body.
Elite Nails Hands and Foot Body Spa bring you Foot and Hand Reflex.
We have trained Therapist that would treat you well.
With the right technique and pressure… we bring about healing and wellness.
 After the treatment you will feel your whole self revived.

Because our hands and feet are mirrors of our body organs, thru their different pressure points we can target areas in your body that needs healing.
 Your aches and pain will be history and you’ll be ready to face the Season in a serene state.

Indulge yourself, Elite Nails Hand , Foot  & Body Spa is not just pampering, we promote wellness too.