Sunday, December 1, 2013

Early Christmas Gift at Your Favorite Nail Spa.

Spazz up before the Christmas Season!

Check out this fabulous HOLIDAY SPACKAGES from Elite Nails, Hand and Foot Body Spa

These Hand and Foot Spa packages are beneficial to dry, cracked skin on your hand and foot. It has the content of different Vitamin and Minerals that promotes healing, regenerates your skin and nourishment that last for weeks. It works for normal skin type too, makes it more beautiful.

Package A:
Vitamin E Spa Manicure
Dead Sea Salt Spa Pedicure
FREE Polish Upgrade

Wearing a strappy sandals or cool slip ons? Take advantage of our Glowing Foot Spa Pedicure / Hand Manicure and appear like a Venus on your Social Events this Season.

·        *  It starts with Vitamin E Spa Manicure that has antioxidants that rejuvenates your skin and makes your hand softer to touch. 
       * Followed by a Dead Sea salt Spa Pedicure that scrubs away pigmented skin, the mineral content of Dead Sea salt makes them so effective at healing and beautifying skin.
·      *   Lastly choose from our wide array of imported brand Polishes like, OPI, Orly, L.A. Colors, China Glaze, etc…

Package B
Vitamin E Spa Manicure
Dead Sea Salt Spa Pedicure
Basic Nail Art

Appear like a Venus with an edge. You’ll never be a plain Jane after having this treatment

·         The whole package of Vitamin E Manicure and Dead Sea Salt Pedicure
·         * A perfect combination to have, Make your hands free of calluses, softer to touch and nourished for weeks to come.
·         * Plus a Basic Nail Art that gives an edge to your polish, choose from different nail Art that would suit your mood or party themes. From pretty flowery nails to different designs.

Package C
Vitamin E Spa Manicure
Dead Sea Salt Spa Pedicure
Hand or Foot Paraffin

The perfect Hand and Foot Spa packages for dry, cracked hands and feet. It’s three time smoother and 100% younger. It can also be done to any skin type.

·         Has both the advantage of Vitamin C, that rejuvenates the skin and Dead Sea Salt Spa that promotes healing. 

·         Plus the goodness of Hand and Foot Paraffin that beautifies the skin.

Hand and Foot Paraffin
The hand and foot, separately, is dipped in a warm tub of paraffin wax, until coats the skin and it retain heat for several minutes. The paraffin's natural emollient softens skin, and the heat opens pores. Thus, helps absorb skin nourishment. Once the wax cooled off and peeled away from the skin, it takes away dead skin cells, leaving the skin younger and smoother.