Thursday, November 22, 2012

Try out our Traditional Hilot with Banana Leaf!

Do you still remember the old times when your mom or Lola (grandmother) would purposely miss seeing your Doctor whenever you’re not feeling well? How about the sight of your garden which have been the house for everything medicinal and herbal requirement for the family's relief from sickness to well-being? And who would forget the banana leaves that clothed you not just once but every sick day of your lives as they perform 'hilot' for your body.  The younger years are truly one of the sweetest days remembering how our parents have cared for us in the most amazing ways.

Relish the experience once more as Elite Nails spa brings you the "Traditional Hilot with Banana leaf" service. 


With our traditional “hilot”, we make use of banana leaf heated and laced with organic oil to complete and revive the old passion of providing a massage therapy that relaxes the stressed muscles and provides overall healing of the body. The banana leaf aids to suppress or stops energy blockages in the body and promotes health and wellness as you avail in regular. It is also an herbal approach since banana leaves contain large amounts of polyphenols, including EGCG antioxidants, found in green tea, and blueberries.

For only P400 per hour, you get value for your money and the euphoria remembering the old lovely days.

For more information about Elite Nails' Traditional Hilot w/Banana leaf service, you may text or call 09336537276, 09215918801, 09178086950 or at (02) 480-6832.

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