Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Elite Nails World Wide Corporate Center: The elite spa in the city!

Last August of this year when we opened our very first Mandaluyong branch, from the soft opening to the regular business days, the spa have been a lot busier day by day. And because of that, we thank you our dear clients for patronizing our services and sharing the experience to your family and colleagues, they mean so much to us as we make new and more happy and pampered clients every day.


Located at one of the newest business and commercial districts along EDSA-Shaw in Mandaluyong, the Worldwide Corporate Center, Elite Nails spa welcomes you with the usual earth and nature hues from the signage to the couches and interiors to our accomodating staff who proudly wears 'Elite Nails' in their sleeves. 

You can get the regular pampering and personal care services and we guarantee as always a delightful experience that awaits you. Enjoy a relaxing hand and foot spa and make sure to try the different varieties as they have different benefits too. For the metro sexual men, especially those working in the call center / bpo offices in WWCC, Elite Nails Spa is the perfect place for you to have body massage, spa, and even facials. Our officer and staff will be glad to assist you and suggest the services that fits your needs.

If you haven't been to Elite Nails Spa-WWCC, take a peek at our space, a place perfect to send you to dreamland while we pamper you.


And of course, we also have the private space where you can have the body massage and treatment services, facials and waxing.  The lighting and ambiance is perfect as well for some minutes or hours to doze off :). After a relaxing massage, our staff will offer you a drink or a hot tea to complete a rejuvenating experience before you leave the spa.

It's been months since we've opened our Mandaluyong branch in World Wide Corporate Center and we'd like to thank every client who has been a regular patron up to today.  We've got overwhelming response from reluctant customers who braved to give us a try and to clients referral who have experienced 'Elite Nails' services and recommended them to their family and friends who lives nearby. A million thanks to everyone of you!

We haven't reached our first year and yet you made us feel serving you like for a long time already with your frequent visits and patience as you wait whenever the spa is jampacked. Rest assured that we will always be focused with our goal serving you and giving you the best pampering experience as always.

Cheers to more good years today and beyond!