Friday, December 7, 2012

Featured Free Hand Nail Art: Hello Kitty love!

Do you love Hello Kitty?

FACT: Girls all over the world adore this fictional cat!

Even Elite Nails’ very own, Joie Pacheco is an avid fan of Hello Kitty too. And just like her, sporting hello kitty collectibles seem not enough we want them attached closest to our flesh.  I know you might be thinking of having the cat tattooed on your skin probably on your younger years but you’ll surely be in trouble with your parents. And when you’ve turned adult, will you still want a hello kitty tattoo? Some of you may laugh and would not say yes anymore but the fascination is still there. Tell you what? Have them on your nails!

I'm sure you've seen endless Hello Kitty nail art designs but are they as cute as the one below?

The above free-hand nail art design is so fun to wear, don't you agree? Memories of childhood brings back as you look at the white kitties sitting pretty right there at your nails. Hello Kitty can be every girl's best friend that can lighten up any low moments.

If you want to have this nail art or checkout other versions 'Hello Kitty' nail art, just drop by at any of our Elite nails spa branch. We also have more intricate and stunning nail art designs you'll surely love :).

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