Monday, December 10, 2012

This Week's Foot Treat - Purifying Spa Pedicure

Pamper yourself with one of the best selling foot spa services at Elite Nails - the Purifying Spa Pedicure.  

The Purifying Spa Pedicure will give your feet a total renewal as the whole process will have the dead skin around your nails removed, it helps improve your nails' growth. Next, the cuticles get a trimming treat and this is to encourage new and soft growth and give your toes a neat look.  

Not only do they look nice and  fill your feet with confidence when finished, but these treatments are also key to good health that's why we are recommending this treatment to everyone who wants to achieve beautiful and healthy feet.

Relax and take your time, an invigorating scent of the lemon scrub filling the entire room from start to finish will help you emerge to complete serenity!

If you want to avail this spa treatment, book your appointment now and call these numbers so we could reserve your slot - 09336537276, 09215918801, 09178086950 or at (02) 480-6832

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