Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Gift Idea for Men: Gent’s Espresso Mint Spa

A gift of pampering is an ideal gift you can give to your man. Most of us ladies would pass on the usual ‘wish list’ that speaks about the latest gadgets in town, even though these are the only preference of most men to receive.  More often than not, we argue about their thoughts of what gives them joy (except you) is to have one of Steve Job's inventions in their hands. More than the material gifts, treat them to a day where they will have a taste of indulgence. Take him to a place where the most-sought serenity is within reach.

Treating your man to a spa vacation reflects how you value his needs for a much-deserved break from all the hard work and the everyday stress. In fact, a trip to a spa can be done not only on special occasions; you can help him fix his calendar for his spa appointments, add a personalized voice reminder on his phone to make it a real sweet effort.

Take him to Elite Nails spa and let him discover the professional services we have especially catered for men, with price range that won’t really make his eyes grow wide.:)

Our first recommendation: Gent’s Espresso Mint Spa

This spa treatment is also perfect for men seeking out holistic treatments because of joint pains, arthritis and other pain in the feet. A warm foot soak infused with the power of peppermint will immediately loosen up the stressed muscles followed with scrubs and crèmes in espresso variety especially created to reduce calluses and vanishes dry and rough skin while the aroma of espresso awakens the senses. The whole process is guaranteed to give your man a stimulating and detoxifying treat that regenerates his tired feet.

Make the holiday season extra special for your man, throw him a pampering treat fit for a king.

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